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Use of our software and training modules is strictly conditional upon you agreeing to our terms of use. Click here for a copy that you can download and print. There is a summary of our terms on the first page but please read the whole document.


Please check that your computers are of a specification that can utilise the training. If you are not sure, click here for our guide. This product does not work on tablets or mobiles. Please note that you may have to download some software called Adobe Flash before using our training. If this is the case, prompts will pop up.


For payment, we ask you to use PayPal.


The reason is to do with your data security. We would rather that your bank account details stay with Paypal at all times. Why transmit them over the internet to us if you don't have to?


Once you submit your payment details, we will receive an email and we will send you access codes straight away.



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